Anglers, get ready for five professional grade reels that are members of Daiwa's new "Advantage" series. (2 Right retrieve, 2 Left retrieve, and 1 lower gear ratio cranking model) This new series of reels was created to deliver Daiwa's latest advances to make casting easier and more comfortable. While this reel looks like a million bucks we were told that they were designed to be quite affordable as well, and range in price from $99.95 to $139.95. A key feature that will be available on the new Advantage reels is Magforce-Z, a brand new magnetic anti-backlash system that is designed to outperform ordinary centrifugal brake systems, while still offering exceptional line capacity. Like many of Daiwa's offerings the Advantage will come in standard or high-performance "Super Tuned" versions.

These reels were planned with a unique low profile for exceptional palming comfort. We have learned that the Advantage is a full 6 millimeters lower than similar competitor reels. All of the reels feature Daiwa's free-floating spool design, that separates the gear train completely from the spool on outcast. Super-Tuned models will feature a perforated aircraft aluminum spool, but all reels will utilize machined bronze gearing, a rigid once piece aluminum frame, and massive seven disc wet drag system with exclusive fiber composite washers. The weight of these reels will vary from 8.5oz for the standard versions to 8.6oz for the supertuned models. Standard advantage reels come with 5BB and 1 RB, while the supertuned models will come with 8BB and 1 RB.


BC-TDA150HpadRegular price: $119.95padSale price: $91.95pad
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