Unitized Aluminum Frame and Left Sideplate Extra strong unitized design to take full advantage of today's super-braided lines.

Two-Speed Gearbox Fast, push-button shift lets you pull in over a yard of line with every crank or quickly shift to low for power to move a sulking fish. Optimized mechanism features fewer moving parts for maximum reliability.

Dual-Disc Drag “DSG505” Wet drag system offers up to 50% more surface area for ultra-smooth, ultra consistent performance. Dual discs offer maximum heat dissipation with minimum abrasion.

Dual-Point Gear Shaft Support Up to 15% More Cranking Power

Aluminum Spool for maximum strength and minimum weight.

Six, Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings including Daiwa’s CRBB spool bearings for maximum corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Rod Clamp & Stainless Steel Reel Foot

720yd 20lb

BG-SLD20-2SPDpadRegular price: $319.95padSale price: $289.95pad
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