Floats Like a Butterfly... Pick up one of these beauties—it feels like lifting air. Ultra-precision Magnesium and Titanium components, plus an incredible aluminum alloy spool, bring them in at a weight most ultralight spinning reels would envy. Starting at just 6.2 ounces, they are the lightest reels of their kind. And talk about X-Treme performance casting, their free-floating, superlightweight spools cast even the lightest lures like a rocket—under the full control of Daiwa’s Magforce V.

Features: Lightest reels of their kind, starting at just 6.2 ounces X-Treme low-profile design Ultra-lightweight Magnesium frame and handle-side sideplate Super-lightweight aluminum-ceramic composite spool Up to 14 ball and roller bearings Infinite Anti-Reverse Super Drag with Teflon/Graphite composite discs and micro-click adjustment Magforce-V automatic magnetic anti-backlash system Super Speed Shaft separates spool from drive train for X-Treme spool freedom Machined brass and phosphor bronze gears with Dura-Loc for solid, trouble-free engagement Six-point drive train support means greater winding power and less drive train wear Autocast clutch Titanium Nitrided line guide, super smooth and cut-proof Tough, forged aluminum handle

120yd/12lb, 100yd/14lb

BC-TD-Z103HpadRegular price: $349.95padSale price: $339.95pad
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