The world's best running hardbait just got better. The illusion of a wounded baitfish is even more lifelike with the RapFlash finish. Using a first-of-its-kind technology, engineers at Rapala have created the most realistic holographic pattern on the market. This new technology allows hot-stamping of the pattern directly to the lure, giving Rapflash unmatched durability and exceptional flash. Unlike other holographic patterns on the market, typically made with stickers, RapFlash holographic finishes stand-up to the rigors of continuous use, maintaining their original shine ans integrity. Touted as one of the most attractive patterns ever to reach the market, the Rapflash is sure to be credited with continuing the Rapala tradition as a leader in the industry.

HB-HSR07-HBSHpadRegular price: $7.95padSale price: $7.25pad
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