Okuma Lever Drag Trolling Reels


The Titus (T) series boasts a lightweight, corrosion resistant graphite frame. These reels are smooth and powerful.

T-10, T-15, T-20, T-30, T-50, T-50W

Titus Gold

Okuma designed the Titus Gold (TG) for those anglers who are in search of the strongest, fastest fish in the ocean.

TG-15S, TG-20S

Okuma 2-Speed Lever Drag Trolling Reels

Titus 2-Speed

This one-piece graphite frame is the best priced two-speed in the world. Made with rugged stainless steel gears, the lightweight two-speed is comfortable enough for long stand up battles, with excellent cranking and stopping power.

T-20II, T-30II

Titus Gold 2-Speed

This reel stands up to the toughest conditions. The one-piece frame and side plates are machined from solid stock T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum.

TG-15II, TG-20II, TG-30II, TG-50II, TG-50WII

Okuma Star Drag & Baitcast Reels


The Convector series is arguably the hottest conventional reel available. The Convector series features stainless steel gears and a drop down gearbox.

CN-30C, CN-45C, CN-55, CN-55S, CN-55W

New Convector Series

CV-30C, CV-45C, CV-55, CV-55S, CV-55W,


Finished with the six-disc Rulidium and stainless steel drag system, you get the ultimate round reel, smooth, strong and accurate.

ID-150, ID-250, ID-400


The SD reel is lightweight yet powerful. The oversized discs provide maximum surface area delivering consistent performance. Suited for salt or fresh water applications.

SD-20L, SD-30L, SD-30LX, SD-45C, SD-45L, SD-55, SD-55L, SD-55W

Okuma Spinning Reels


These are ultra smooth, precision crafted reels. The lightweight CNC machined spools are fitted with super smooth oil-soaked felt washers.

AV-20, AV-30, AV-40, AV-50, AV-65, AV-80


The Epixor is super smooth and reliable. With the EF15 ultralite, and the EF65 and EF80 big water reels, the Epixor is a complete series with sizes suitable for all spinning applications.

EF-30, EF-40, EF-50, EF-65, EF-80

Epixor EB

A high performance finesse-spinning reel with a bait feeding system. It is a unique combination of a tournament grade spinning reel and Okuma's patented live line bait feeding system.

EB-30, EB-50, EB-65, EB-80


The Coronado, featuring Okuma's patented bait feeding system, is becoming THE REEL in live-bait-spinning-reel circles. The Coronado uses machine cut stainless steel gears--the only bait feeding style reel in the world to do so! The Coronado main-shaft is oversized and stainless.

CD-50, CD-65, CD-90


The Inspira features the new machined aluminum handle that folds down with one simple movement of the locking sleeve, and the new ASB locking bail function which locks the bail open during casting.

IS-30, IS-40, IS-50


Made for Salt! Featuring a stainless steel drive gear and pinion gear, the Eclipz is built to stand up to the ultimate game fish and any big water application.

EZ-30, EZ-50, EZ-65, EZ-90


You can expect effortless retrieves and a silky smooth drag from the Fina reel. A bearing has even been placed in the oversized titanium coated line roller, assuring a lifetime of tangle free high-speed retrieves.

FI-30, FI-40, FI-60


The Acuador is the best value of any reel in its class. Acuador's Rotor Equalizing System (RES) is precision balanced, eliminating all rotor wobble and vibration for the smoothest casts and high-speed retrieves. The Acuador series offers the functions found on tournament reels, yet priced for every angler.

FS-20, FS-30, FS-40, FS-50, FS-65, FS-80, FS-611, FS-3010

Okuma Fly Reels

Airframe Large Arbor

Okuma’s new large arbor design gives faster line retrieval for a single action reel. The Airframe is a great starter reel for a first foray into large arbor fishing.

AF-4/5, AF-4/6, AF-7/9

Integrity Large Arbor

The integrity series features a uniquely patented, oversized stainless steel-based disc drag. This amazing drag has little to no initial resistance, with incredible high-end drag pressure.

I-5/6, I-7/8, I-8/9, I-10/11


The Sierra is fitted with a Teflon disc drag. The drag is controlled by a one-way roller bearing, which allows for drag-free retrievals. The retrieval direction is easily converted by reversing the bearing direction.

S-4/5, S-5/6, S-7/8, S-8/9, S-10/11

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